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MEERa and her magic garden

Meera and her Magic Garden is the story of 5 year old Meera from Karnataka, India. To her, plants are magical, Photosynthesis is like sorcery! Meera explores her ancestral garden with her beloved Ajja (Grandfather in Kannada) and her little feline friends Kutty, and believes that the plants have a secret life of their own. I have authored and illustrated this story - here are some excerpts! You can also find the dummy book here.


Illustrations of Kutty in the garden! "Kutty" in Tamil (language spoken in Tamil Nadu, South of India) means small. This spread lies in the opening pages of the book.

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In the garden, there were flowers, plants, herbs and shrubs. Creepers, climbers, coconuts and other fruits. Meera explored them all!

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Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 9.41.08 AM.png

Initial sketches of Meera. I often prefer sketching first before I take to my iPad. Below are some colour and black & white sketches from the story.

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