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With a background as a project manager, senior graphic designer, and illustrator in the education and social non-profit sector, I have developed a strong foundation in delivering unique hand-drawn designs + illustrations across various media channels. I obtained an MA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2022.

I enjoy experimenting with color, type, patterns, GIFs, 3D design, data visualisation and more recently, an obsession with drawing dogs and cats! I find themes around mental health, LGBTQ+ wellness and human connections particularly intriguing. I am a published illustrator and also a soon to be published Children’s Books illustrator!



I am Anusha Raichur, an Indian Graphic Designer and Illustrator based out of Baltimore, USA.


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Last year, while I was pursuing my MA in Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I authored and illustrated “Meera and her Magic Garden”

Within its pages, Meera holds a deep belief that her flourishing garden is brimming with plants that can speak. Drawing inspiration from my own heritage in Karnataka, India, this story beautifully explores the vibrant tapestry of India’s tropical landscapes. It delves into Meera’s profound love for plants, nurtured by her Ajja (grandfather in Kannada), showcasing the invaluable bond between generations and the passing down of wisdom.

Throughout the book, tiny readers are immersed in a captivating world where Bee-Balms and marigolds exchange mischievous winks, coconut trees caution the grass of falling coconuts, and a spirited conflict unfolds between a Champaca tree and flowering pepper plants. Meera’s excitement for the wonders of photosynthesis knows no bounds, often exclaiming, “Ajja, don’t even get me started on photosynthesis!”

Meera and her Ajja

By immersing children in this lush environment, the book fosters a deep appreciation for the rich biodiversity thriving in the southern landscapes of India. Its themes revolve around the interconnectedness of nature, and the belief in the hidden conversations among plants. Meera’s unwavering conviction that plants communicate when no one is watching invites young readers to jump on a magical exploration of the botanical realm, encouraging empathy and affection for the natural environment. 

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